Jeans Manufacturer from Turkey

Jeans Manufacturer from Turkey

Jeans Manufacturer from Turkey
Manufacturer from Turkey

jeans manufacturer production scheme

  • Iron heat and steam suitable for jeans Set.
  • Heat applied in cotton fabrics You can use the degree.
  • To iron first You started.
  • Absolutely a teflon underneath the table Use.
  • Light in the belt and pocket ou are going to eat the molasses.

NOTE : Men’s jeans are the first go to wash, do not wash then ironed.
Firstly sewing trousers makes.
Then straight ironing and Belts are made of rice.

  • The bridge, the pocket edge,
  • Since the saddle stitches are thick, Do not press too much.
  • Your break shares can not be used for sewing light steam with nose correct it.
  • Iron the Belt form.
  • Slight stitches and contractions in the stitches steam with steam.
  • If there is no obvious seam defect, destroy it by ironing the shrinkage.
  • When ironing, zipper, rivet,such as a push button Do not rub it can damage.
  • Pantolone iron coat is normal iron the iron in the pancake.
  • Jean trousers ironing mostly inflatable (air blown) using ironers; ironing easier and more serial.
  • Test the buttonhole in the pants. Open the barracks

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