Jeans manufacturers Turkey

Jeans Factory from Turkey

Jeans factory from TurkeyJeans factory from Turkey

Our jean factory is in Istanbul. Our jeans sales store is Istanbul Merter. For 20 years, in den jeans factory, we produce models we produce to many countries of the world. Your quest for the best quality denim jeans, however, we can reply.

Denim Jeans Factory from Turkey

Jeans Factory from Turkey
Denim Jeans Factory from Turkey

– Two sides and one at the front There is a pocket of hours.
– There are two applique pockets at the back.
– There is a gasket on the rear pants.
– Two front, three rear bridges there is.
– Watch pocket side stitch distance 2cm, distance from belle 2.5 cm, and the size is 8 cm.
– The rear seat distance 6cm, side stitch down to 2.5 cm.
– Side sockets of side pockets distance 11.5 cm, down from the ground 7.5 cm.
– Buttonhole eyelike buttonhole button
– At the top and bottom of the bridge, return and end of patet in the back pocket we pont
– In the front pocket mouths, rivet is used.

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